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#57: What would you when someone you started dating suggests a trip together? Not a two-day getaway or a week to Cancun. But a 7 month road trip.

True story by the way. Garrett was dating Amelia for all of two months when they suggest this — they wanted to be an enclosed space so there’s nowhere to go but to work on their stuff as a couple.

Well, Garrett and Amelia did go on the road trip. He chats with me about how him and Amelia managed their finances on the road, some tough lessons as they learned to communicate as a couple and why they decided to end their trip early.

If his voice sounds familiar, it’s because Garrett is the former co-host of Beyond The Dollar throughout seasons 1 to 3

Stick around to the end where I’m going to take what Garrett learned on his trip and how you can use it to strengthen your finances as a couple.

For more information (including resources mentioned), head to http://beyondthedollar.co/57

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