Ep 085: Why creating for creativity's sake has benefits way beyond just financial value (and why money can't buy some of them)

The biggest thing that stops us from creating for creativity's sake - like no one's watching, as I always advocate in this podcast's jingle - is often money. We measure 'value' and 'payback' so much in exclusively financial terms in our culture. And I get it - I forget that creativity has a value way beyond financial sometimes. Doing this podcast reminded me of the huge payback this podcast has given me over the last year - some of these benefits are ones that money can't buy. And some of them really surprised me. For my top learnings after a year of Big Juicy Creative podcasting, listen in! And please share with anyone who might benefit from this reminder, too. To follow Big Juicy Creative for loads of inspiration on living creatively, see: Instagram: @bigjuicycreativeliving Facebook @bigjuicycreativeliving LinkedIn: @suzybashford Twitter: @suzybashford  contact Suzy: suzy@bigjuicycreative.co.uk Big Juicy Creative podcast is available on all major platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or directly from my website: https://www.bigjuicycreative.co.uk/podcast

Om Podcasten

Big Juicy Creative is the show which nurtures your busy creative soul, so you thrive personally and professionally. You could be in a ‘creative’ career, like marketing or the arts, or maybe you wish you did something more creative. This podcast will show you how, if you approach your life with creativity – a bit more openness, curiosity, self-expression, imagination - it will become bigger, juicier and more meaningful. Creativity is about way more than painting or poetry, and this show brings you inspirational tales from beyond the creative department, from farming to fractions. Your host, Suzy Bashford, is a freelance journalist, who writes about creativity among other things, a workshop facilitator and a speaker. As well as interviews, she’ll bring you shorter, solo podcasts where she sums up and test-drives the advice she’s given, reporting back to you with her trademark honesty. Suzy is a mum on a mission to unleash our collective creativity so we can solve the world’s big problems… and we need buckets of creativity for that, so please get listening! For more info: www.bigjuicycreative.co.uk IG: @bigjuicycreativeliving FB: @bigjuicycreative LI: Suzy Bashford