Love or Lust

Now for the ultimate question ''Is true LOVE real ? '' or is it saved for the movies ..... as we embark into the dark reality of romance in the 21st century we look at LOVE from a slightly different angle . We discuss power in relationships , manipulation , seduction and compatibility.
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Love- R&R

Om Podcasten

It’s your favorite mad co hosts Raja and Rayan coming to you with our first season of Big Mad. Introducing our 4 part series MULTI PERSON ... LOVE , MIND , THERAPY & CONSPIRACY. Join us as we unpack some of the most talked about and controversial topics to date ,offer our insight and ask you the public what’s your take on the situation. We won’t agree with each other every time but we sure will have fun arguing so get BIG MAD with us. Follow our Instagram @bigmadpodcast and our personal pages @rayan.xasan and @rajaxbed 🦋🦋