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HULK SMASH? SUPERHERO Fornication Impossible? | BQ

av Big Question | Publicerades 3/30/2020

Can Hulk have sex? How would it even work? It's a VERY BIG question! Visit right now to get an extra three months for free! Superheroes like the Hulk, Ben Grimm, Rogue, Superman, Jessica Jones, and Popclaw from The Boys all share a similar problem... their primal biological urges will always be restrained by how deadly those urges could be if they act on them. For this week's ongoing Quarantine Edition of #BigQuestion, Erik Voss and Filup Molina pick up the classic superhero debate from the likes of Kevin Smith: what happens when superheroes like Hulk try to bang? Does it always end in bloodshed? Is there a way for them to do it safely? Or is it always super, super weird? Maybe social distance your kids from this episode and join us as we apply one of the few quarantine-allowed activities to the world of comics.

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