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MCU's DEADLIEST WEAPON? Stormbreaker vs Infinity Gauntlet vs Adamantium | BQ

av Big Question | Publicerades 4/14/2020

Could Wolverine’s claws cut Cap’s shield or Iron Man’s armor? The MCU’s strongest weapons ranked! Get Coors Light delivered by going to and find local delivery options near you! Go to to receive your first month of treatment for free. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has established increasingly deadly weapons, from 85 versions of Iron Man’s armor, to Mjolnir, to Stormbreaker, and even two Infinity Gauntlets. In this episode of #BigQuestion, Erik Voss and Filup Molina rank the most powerful weapons in the MCU, and some even more powerful about to join the universe. Could Gamora’s sword Godslayer kill Thanos? What weapon could kill a Celestial? Could Wolverine’s claws kill Black Panther? And which weapon in the MCU is the most powerful?

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