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Poorest Avenger? Lowest Superhero Incomes Ranked! | BQ

av Big Question | Publicerades 4/20/2020

Iron Man Tony Stark and Batman Bruce Wayne are billionaires... but who are the POOREST superheroes? Get Coors Light delivered by going to and find local delivery options near you! How much does it pay to be an Avenger or to work for SHIELD? What about to work as a Daily Bugle photographer or a reporter for the Daily Planet? In this episode of #BigQuestion, Filup Molina and Erik Voss calculate the wealth and income levels of the poorest superheroes in the Marvel and DC worlds. Which Avengers spent most of their lives homeless or in poverty? Would Peter Parker starve to death in the real world? How does Bruce Banner pay for his health care? These are the big questions we SHOULD be asking!

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