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WHO SAVED GROGU from Order 66? Top 9 Suspects! (Mandalorian Star Wars Timeline) | Big Question

av Big Question | Publicerades 12/16/2020

Star Wars' Order 66 has another surprise survivor: GROGU (the child aka Baby Yoda), revealed in The Mandalorian 2x05! But... what mystery Jedi SAVED HIM? Go to http://get.coorslight.com to get Coors Light delivered straight to your door! Go to http://purple.com/bigquestion10 and use promo code bigquestion10 to get 10% off any order of $200 or more! The Mandalorian hinted Grogu's mystery escape from the Jedi Temple during Order 66 (originally depicted in Revenge of the Sith). But who saved the child from the massacre? In this episode of Big Question, Erik Voss and Zach Huddleston narrow down the suspects to the TOP 9 JEDI who had the opportunity to rescue Grogu in those crucial minutes, and what that tells us about the future of the Star Wars universe! Was Grogu deliberately kept secret from Anakin Skywalker by Jedi Masters like Yoda, Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan Kenobi? Could Mace Windu have actually survived the attack from Palpatine and Anakin? And why has Star Wars kept changing the mysterious backstory of YADDLE, the female Jedi Master of the same species as Yoda and Grogu?

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