Getting the Dirt on Caitlin Murray

In this special episode, Caitlin is interviewed by her podcast producer Cameron Mullenneaux! Caitlin kicks things off with a pep talk to empower us to trust our gut and define motherhood on our own terms. She shares her feelings about being a stay-at-home parent while building a new career and offers deep thoughts on how hard it is to be truly fulfilled in your role. She reflects on her son's illness, the ways it transformed her perspective on life, and how that dark time period inspired her to create Big Time Adulting. Caitlin also revisits her kid-free days, leading her college lacrosse team to victory like the boss that she is, and gallivanting around NYC with her now husband in pursuit of fun. Get the dirt on Caitlin in this relaxed and thought-provoking interview. --- Find me Caitlin Murray @bigtimeadulting The Big Time Adulting podcast is brought to you in part by a few of my favorite brands & affiliate partners: Knockaround Sunglasses (use code BIGTIMEADULTING for 15% OFF)  Perfect Bar  The best store in the world  The second best store 

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I’m Caitlin Murray, host of Big Time Adulting. This show was made for moms like me who crave funny, provocative, no-nonsense entertainment to distract themselves from the hamster wheel that is life. Join me for conversations about parenting, relationships, lifestyle, and what it means to be human. Consider this your mid-week women’s group. Circle up because shit’s about to get real.