Perimenopause: What the Hell is Going On?

Perimenopause is top of mind. Hollywood is talking about it. Vaginal creams and supplements are being sold for it. But still, what the hell is going on? As we sail through midlife, how are our fluctuating hormones impacting our bodies and minds and what do we do about it? Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, an OBGYN and insta-glorious expert on all things women’s health, sits down with Caitlin to discuss the predictably unpredictable hormonal shifts of perimenopause. Actual menopause occurs, on average, around age 51 marked by a one year absence of a menstrual period. That means perimenopause is the 10-15 year lead up to menopause that begins somewhere between the late 30s and 40s. Symptoms may include: brain fog, mood swings, feelings of rage, weight gain, heavy periods, vaginal dryness, chin whiskers, lack of libido, insomnia, hot flashes, joint pain, and hair loss. Yay. Often occurring in conjunction with the deranged parenting years, this change in a woman’s life is sure to be miserable and magical, as Dr. Ghofrany puts it. She gives us hope by demystifying this confusing time, equipping listeners with the right questions to ask their doctors, and offering a myriad of treatment options. Maybe we can even embrace this naturally occurring life stage because growing older is a gift and we might as well indulge and enjoy it.  Follow Dr. Shieva Ghofrany @biglovefiercejuju and @tribecalledv Tribe Called V is a virtual women's health platform  ---   Caitlin Murray @bigtimeadulting The Big Time Adulting podcast is brought to you in part by a few of Caitlin's favorite brands & affiliate partners: Knockaround Sunglasses (use code BIGTIMEADULTING for 15% OFF)  Perfect Bar  The best store in the world  The second best store 

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