The Paradox of Motherhood: Love and Rage

Today on the pod we are doing something a little different. Caitlin was recently a speaker at the MTHR Collective Retreat in Cape Cod with fellow IG sensation Nicki Marie. They sat on a panel to discuss the unique paradox of motherhood: love and rage. In this episode, Nicki and Caitlin reflect on the special weekend, how it felt to meet for the first time in person, and how they experience and view their own anger, rage, frustration, and burnout.   About MTHR Collective: An intersection between community and creativity, MTHR Collective is an inclusive, visionary space built for mothers to share, connect, and become stronger advocates for self-care in the realm of motherhood.   Nicki Marie @nickimarieinc Caitlin Murray @bigtimeadulting The Big Time Adulting podcast is brought to you in part by a few of Caitlin's favorite brands & affiliate partners: Knockaround Sunglasses (use code BIGTIMEADULTING for 15% OFF)  Perfect Bar  The best store in the world  The second best store     

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