Why Moms Turn to Booze to Cope with Stress

Moms with young kids increased their alcohol consumption by nearly 325% during the pandemic according to a study by RTI International. The term "mommy wine culture" is used to describe moms drinking wine as a way to cope with parenting stresses. Caitlin welcomes professional chef, sommelier, and life coach Molly Zemek to the podcast to talk about the connection between parental stress and booze consumption. Molly shares her story of how over-drinking and over-eating led her down a painful path of ill health, dissatisfaction, and depression and how she changed her mindset and developed new skills to create a healthier relationship with alcohol WITHOUT taking the pleasure out of a good time. Caitlin and Molly talk about unique circumstances around motherhood that lead to habitual drinking, how you might develop a more moderate attitude to drinking, how over-drinking is connected to over-eating, and how to create a drink plan. This conversation is not about vilifying alcohol but will help you explore your relationship to booze in a more holistic way. Follow along with us: Molly Zemek @mollyzemek Caitlin Murray @bigtimeadulting The Big Time Adulting podcast is brought to you in part by a few of Caitlin's favorite brands & affiliate partners: Knockaround Sunglasses (use code BIGTIMEADULTING for 15% OFF)  Perfect Bar  The best store in the world  The second best store 

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