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BiggerPockets Money Podcast

144: Alternative Investments: How to Determine Which Option(s) Are Right For You with Kirk Chisholm

av BiggerPockets Money Podcast | Publicerades 9/28/2020

Kirk Chisholm is a fee-only investment advisor with a secret passion - finding new and different ways to invest money. Kirk shares his Big List of 75 Alternative Investments with us today - and more importantly, how to vet the investment vehicle to see if it's right for you. Not everything is a great fit for every person, and you certainly don't have to choose everything on the list. Play to your strengths when choosing investments and don't discount passion for an idea. If you HATE the thought of learning more about that investment vehicle, you won't put forth the correct amount of effort necessary to master it. Kirk also dives into how to sell these types of alternative investments - including at significant discounts if it's an illiquid asset that you need to liquidate fast. Secondary markets exist for all asset classes, and there are ways to pick up a good deal on the secondary market as well. If you're looking to diversify your portfolio, today's show is a can't-miss episode! Links from the ShowBiggerPockets Money Facebook GroupBiggerPockets ForumsAgainst the Rules with Michael Lewis PodcastThe Big list of 75 Alternative Investments

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