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BA42 - Bindaz Bol With Guruji Shri Ashvinkumar Pathak About "Sundarkand"

av Bindaz Bol with Arpita Bhatt | Publicerades 4/22/2017

BA42 - In conversation with Guruji Shri AshvinKumar Pathak ji !!! Guruji has started doing Sundarkand path since 1995 and Guruji has been doing sundarkand path from past 17 consecutive years. Today, he will be singing #Sundarkand path number 6,326 at Saibaba Temple Camberwell, 6PM onwards. Prasadam will be started serving from 5:30pm. Please join us today to taste the real nector. During our conversation, Guruji said " Sundarkand is the fifth chapter of "Shri Ramcharit Manas" which is the depiction or the story of Hanumanji's adventure in getting Sitaji released from "Ravana". This recitation once a day gives tremendous mental soothing and in many cases it has been found solving worries and diseases. It gives us mental peace, it can give us power to face any kind of situation". It has been a wonderful talking to Guruji Shri Ashvinkumar Pathak Ji!!!

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