Bindaz Bol with Arpita Bhatt

BA43 - Bindaz Bol With The Renowned Stand Up Comedian Amit Tandon!!

av Bindaz Bol with Arpita Bhatt | Publicerades 5/6/2017

In conversation with the renowned stand up comedian from India. Laughter is the medicine that can let us forget all our worries and fears. Smile can improve the state of mind and let us go away from all our tensions. Amit has successfully accomplished more than 100 stand up Comedy shows all across the country. Currently, he is in UK and running a Full House. In July 2017, Amit is coming to Australia . So get ready to laugh and giggle. It has been pleasure talking to one of the best stand up comedians of our country, India!!! Keep listening to Bindaz Bol!!!

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