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BA44 - Bindaz Bol with Sunil Pal - India's one of the best Stand up comedian

av Bindaz Bol with Arpita Bhatt | Publicerades 7/11/2017

Sunil Pal in a freewheeling chat with Arpita Bhatt. Sunil Pal is one of the best stand-up comedians of India. His talent does not limit to stand-up comedy. He is also a Director, Writer, Singer and an actor. Sunil Pal is a gem of a person. During the interview, he says that "I was working at a tea stall in Santacruz as waiter. Those days I'd sleep on the footpath. And I used to use the telephones of a nearby shop to keep in touch with my contacts in film industry." SunilJi has shared his journey of becoming a comedian, on the show Bindaz Bol  with Arpita Bhatt.  During our conversation, Sunil ji sung his song "Facebook Song Tera Ashiq Ban Gaya" from a movie "Money Back Guarantee". On Bindaz Bol, Sunil ji also played his favorite character "Ratan Noora". It has been an absolute pleasure to have him on my show.

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