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BA48 - Bindaz Bol with Jay Shah about a Lamb advertisement

av Bindaz Bol with Arpita Bhatt | Publicerades 9/7/2017

In conversation with a Hindu Community Volunteer "Jay Shah". Jay ji says, as we all know that the recent advertisement of meat and livestock Australia had a very disturbing portrayal of Our God Ganesha, it has outraged and angered the entire Hindu community. A lot of organizations have come together on this and have raised the issues with various authorities.  We have been in touch with many such organizations and are working with them to get this advertisement removed asap and demand an unconditional apology. Below are some of the actions that have happened which we would like to bring to your notice:- 1. Hindu Council of Australia(HCA) has raised this issue at national level with Australian Partnership of Religious Organisation(APRO) which is a national level peak of the peak body comprising of representatives of major faith bodies and multicultural communities 2. HCA has also raised the issue with Multicultural Department of Premier in Victoria 3. Hon Michell Rowland, Federal MP from NSW has condemned the ad and has issued directions to Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) to initiate an inquiry to investigate the matter immediately 4. 30 different complaints have been lodged with ASB by various organizations and Individuals 5. Minister for Multicultural Affairs (Vic) - Vic Hon Robin Scott and Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs have condemned the action and have requested VMC to raise the issue. 6. Leaders from various faith like Anglican Church and others have unanimously condemned the action and demanded that MLA remove the advertisement immediately. 7. Various other citizens have raised the issue with their Local MPS as well There is a lot of support from various sections and a lot of actions already are being taken. We will update you on this as and when we get more information. Meanwhile feel free to write about it to your local MPS, if you feel this is right.  Rest assured, we are exploring all the options and doing everything possible and with blessings from Lord Ganesha , we will surely win on this issue. Dhanyawaad

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