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BA51 - Bindaz Bol with Mr Sandeep Sachdeva - National promoter of Alka Yagnik show

av Bindaz Bol with Arpita Bhatt | Publicerades 9/24/2017

Mr. Sandeep Sachdeva is a Founder of the "Showkraft Entertainment". He was a Melbourne promoter of the "Amit Tandon show 2017".  Now, he is bringing the melody queen, the one and only, "Alka Yagnik" to Australia and New Zealand.  Mr. Sachdeva is a successful businessman. Sandeep is not at all afraid of taking any risks in business. Along with that, he is a very humble and kind person. It was a pleasure talking to Sandeep and great to have him on Bindaz Bol. 

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