BBL 164: The Real System Behind Childbirth

Most of moms-to-be assume that prenatal care and hospital childbirth procedures are based on research about what’s best for moms and babies. It’s meant to make sure that pregnancy and birth are safe, right? While there is a little truth to that, the real driver behind care practices, especially childbirth procedures, may surprise you. Listen […]

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Kristen Burgess from Natural Birth and Baby brings you straight talk, useful tips, and practical steps for your pregnancy, childbirth experience, and for bringing up baby. Discover how you can have a great pregnancy, safe birth, and a healthy baby... and how to enjoy life along the way. Although Kristen confesses she's not a doctor and doesn't have a fancy degree in child psychology, she's the mother of 7 (with 1 on the way), and manages to have a great time having babies and helping them grow. Pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, attachment parenting, practical parenting, cloth diapering, elimination communication, baby sleep, good nutrition, and everything that works (and some of what doesn't work) to help you better understand how to bring up a smart, healthy baby... and really enjoy doing it.