26. Aly from Empowered Birth Podcast's Amazing VBAC Home Birth

Hi guys! Wow, Aly is... AWESOME. We were SO excited to have her on. Not only is she an advocate for birth empowerment and the importance of informed consent, but she's a doula and nurse, too. She knows her stuff! You will love her story and hearing about how her unplanned c-section led her down a path of knowledge and culminated with her home birth. She's expecting #3 and we can't wait to hear how amazing that birth is! You can find Aly on your favorite podcast player (search Empowered Birth) or on Instagram! Have you checked us out on YouTube yet? Head over and check out what we're doing over there! Make sure to subscribe, both on YouTube and your fav podcast player! And don't forget to follow along on Instagram! One last thing - we will be releasing episodes every other week in August (baby will be here any day now) but we'll be back full-time in September! Until next time, Kali + Cait --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/birthnaturally/support

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