32. Colleen’s Redemptive Natural Hospital Birth

Hi guys!  Just wanted to let you know first off - Colleen had a rough go of it for her first birth so if you’re trying to avoid negative birth stories, try skipping about halfway through. Her second was positive and lovely! Colleen had an easy first pregnancy and assumed birth would be the same. Although she had hoped for a natural labor, she was exhausted and decided to opt for an epidural. She experienced an onslaught of complications and although she delivered a healthy baby, she vowed never to get an epidural again! Her second birth was exactly what she needed. Thanks to Colleen for sharing both of her birth stories! We have some exciting stuff going on around here. Have you seen our merch?! Cait did such a beautiful job. And come hang with us in our brand new Facebook group!  And as always, follow along on Instagram! until next time, Kali  + Cait --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/birthnaturally/support

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We are two sisters hosting conversations about natural birth (med-free) and beyond. Whether you are a seasoned mom, new mom, pregnant with your first or trying to conceive, we hope the stories and information we share will give you the confidence and knowledge to make informed choices about your own birth! We also cover topics like natural parenting techniques, midwifery care and breastfeeding. We hope you'll come along in our journey and learn with us! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/birthnaturally/support