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A Relative Relationship

av Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast | Publicerades 11/16/2020

Season 1 Episode 3 - A Relative Relationship - Book, Music, and Lyrics by Timothy HuangRival stepsiblings Simon Pang and Carmen Soledad are in big trouble and when Simon’s overbearing mom and Carmen’s doting dad – recent newlyweds – find out, heads will roll! Villainous Vice Principal Delancy offers a simple suggestion: Instead of punishing them both, they must decide between themselves who should fall on the metaphorical sword before VP Delancy returns!Starring: Telly Leung, Linedy Genao, and Karen Mason.Guitars by Matt SanGiovanniSaxophone by Robby Wingfield,Trumpet by Isaac Tubb,and Trombone by Kenneth Johnson.Directed by Christopher MichaelsMusic Direction: Jonathon LynchOrchestrations and Sound Design: Andrew FoxTracking Engineer and Editor: Andrew FoxMixing and Mastering: Jay Rosen​General Management: Jeremy TerryPress Representative: Off Off PRBite-Sized Broadway is an IndieWorks Theatre Production created by Jonathon Lynch. Executive Producers: Christopher Michaels and Jeremy Terry. Produced by Jonathon Lynch and Andrew Fox. Bite-Sized Broadway Theme Song written and performed by Michael Perrie, Jr. Support us on Patreon for exclusive perks and extended content! Head to This episode is sponsored by Maria Wirries and Matt SanGiovanni - Check out Maria’s new album, “Just Keep Singing” streaming now. head to For more information on Matt, check out www.mattsangiovanni.comFor more information on Tim, check out his website at timothyhuang.netTheatreNow recently published their 10-Minute Musical Anthology series, which includes A Relative Relationship: can also check out some more upcoming projects from Tim; He wrote the opening and closing numbers to This Golden Day, a song cycle at Emerson College which will be streaming from November 19-22nd. He also has a song featured in Not Working, a song cycle going up at New York Film Academy with two live performances on November 15th and will be streamed in December.For more information on this and other IndieWorks programming, please visit Like and follow us on social media, @IndieWorksCo.

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