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The Last Magic Negro (or Chad's Great Awokening ✊🏻)

av Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast | Publicerades 12/8/2020

Season 1 Episode 4 - The Last Magic Negro (or Chad's Great Awokening ✊🏻) - Book by Jamil Ellis and Andrew Fox, Music and Lyrics by Andrew Fox June 7th, 2020. As the Black Lives Matter movement thrusts White corporate middle-manager Chad into unknown territory, he seeks wisdom from Jimmy Bagger, the very last “Magic Negro” (a wise Black character who exists solely to help a white protagonist) on how to end racism. Despite the tuneful clarity of Jimmy’s advice, Chad somehow manages to botch every attempt in ways both awful and hilarious. As Jimmy grows tired of the weight that he has to carry in educating and comforting White people, Chad is faced with a question for which he, himself, must figure out the answer: now that he can no longer ignore the racism right in front of him…what is he going to do?Starring: Darryl Jovan Williams, AJ Holmes, Simone Zamore, Anthony Chatmon II, and featuring Constantine Maroulis. Ensemble vocals by Andrew Fox and Onyie Nwachukwu.with Direction, Music Supervision, Orchestration and Sound Design by Andrew Fox,Artistic Supervision by Christopher Michaels,and Mixing and Mastering by Jay Rosen.Tracking Engineer and Editor: Andrew FoxSaxophone by Robby Wingfield,Trumpet by Isaac Tubb,and Trombone by Kenneth Johnson.​General Management: Jeremy TerryPress Representative: Off Off PRIndieWorks Social Media Manager: Emily CottoneBite-Sized Broadway is an IndieWorks Theatre Production created by Jonathon Lynch. Executive Producers: Christopher Michaels and Jeremy Terry. Produced by Jonathon Lynch and Andrew Fox. Bite-Sized Broadway Theme Song written and performed by Michael Perrie, Jr. Support us on Patreon for exclusive perks and extended content! Head to This episode is sponsored by Maria Wirries and Matt SanGiovanni - Check out Maria’s new album, “Just Keep Singing” streaming now. head to mariawirries.comAnd visit Matt's website at www.mattsangiovanni.comFind more info on Jamil and the show, head to And be sure to check out Jamil’s podcast with his father, retired Federal Magistrate Judge Ronald Ellis, about the historical role of law in shaping the societal structures which act as barriers to attaining the American dream. Listen to Ellis Conversations on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more, or head to more on Andrew, head to more information on this and other IndieWorks programming, please visit Like and follow us on social media, @IndieWorksCo.

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