Episode 28: The Clash (Part 1)

The sharif don’t like it, rank the Casbah! The Black Band T-Shirt chaps are back, ranking the albums of punk rock heroes The Clash! We cover Cut The Crap (because we have to 😩), Give ‘Em Enough Rope, Combat Rock and The Clash, their self-titled début. Plus we have a little chat at the end of the pod about what their members went onto next! We are owned by Elon Musk @BBTS_pod, come give us a follow and shout at us about our The Clash opinions, or provide your opinions about artists coming up and be on the podcast! Ollie is on Twitter @olliexcore and Chris is on @cmgrumps. Our band My Eyes Are Old and Bent are on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @MEAOAB. This podcast is brought to you by Grim Heart Promotions, who are on Facebook & Instagram @grimheartpromo. See you in part two!

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Two bored men play their favourite game: analysing music. Each episode, they choose an established artist and rank their albums in order of greatness, sometimes with the help or hindrance of some special guests and friends. It's a real rankfest.