Episode 30 (with Tim Morrant): Supertramp (Part 1)

Ranker! You know you are a ranker! For our Father’s Day special, the Black Band T-Shirt boys welcome Chris’ dad Tim Morrant on board to rank the eleven albums of Supertramp! On this part we cover their 1970 self-titled début, Indelibly Stamped, Crime of the Century, Crisis? What Crisis? and Even In The Quietest Moments. Sorry about the buzzing sound, will definitely be fixed for next time. Shortly after release, our top tracks, The Nicher The Better Top 5 choices and our shoutouts will be added to our Spotify Rank Bank playlist, give this absolute monster a whirl: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7GZMXr0eHTICa0TcZ3AYsE?si=fdgXWG2OSyOivVnoA8DhgA We are on Twitter @bbts_pod - give us a follow and give us your Supertramp opinions (if you have any). Ollie can be found @olliexcore and Chris on @cmgrumps. Chris and Ollie’s band My Eyes Are Old and Bent are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @meaoab. This podcast is brought to you by Grim Heart Promotions, which is Chris and Ollie wanting to put on shows in London & Surrey - follow @grimheartpromo on Facebook and Instagram for more info! See you in part 2!

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Two bored men play their favourite game: analysing music. Each episode, they choose an established artist and rank their albums in order of greatness, sometimes with the help or hindrance of some special guests and friends. It's a real rankfest.