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Ep 89: The History of the Floorshow

Doug Woods started his professional dance career at age 17 at the Lido de Paris at the Stardust Hotel on Las Vegas. Later in his life he went back to school to get his Masters and write his thesis on the History of the Floorshow and how they came about and why they are the way they are. He is a wealth of knowledge about the Miss Bluebell, Donn Arden, Paris and Vegas history. Check out the Patreon Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see photos and updates

Om Podcasten

Join Sheri Lewis as she interviews Bluebell dancers past and present. Bluebell dancers are an elite cast of dancers, known for their statuesque presence, beauty and strong dance technique. Margaret Kelly, aka Miss Bluebell, created her group of iconic dances in the 1930’s for their first performance Follies Bergere. From there, she expanded her shows to the Lido de Paris and the Moulin Rouge. Through the decades Miss Bluebell Continued to offer incredible opportunities for dancers in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, Reno and touring shows. The days of glamour and travel for dancers have mostly faded away with the exception of the Lido de Paris which still pridefully showcases the Bluebell dancers and the history of The showgirl.