Arkansas Traveler (D 85 bpm) - Performance

This  week we're jamming along to the classic tune Arkansas Traveler. This is a performance track, rather than a backing track. It's me playing both tune and backup so you've got a reference to listen to if you're new to the tune, or just want to be able to listen a few times to the whole thing.Don't forget to check out the other three episodes when you're done and jam along!If you want a chord chart (or just want to find out more or get in touch),  head to

Om Podcasten

The podcast for anyone and everyone who plays bluegrass. Every week we feature a different fiddle tune and give you three brand new backing tracks: Backup 4 times through (you play the tune or improvise breaks), Tune 4 times through (you play backup) and ‘Jam Along’ (4 complete run throughs, alternating backup and tune). They work with any instrument - guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, bass, banjo…even if you’re a bluegrass cellist (I have actually met one!). For more info and chord charts, visit Hope you find these tracks useful (and thanks for listening!) - Matt