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Dossier #40: Octopussy

av Bond & Beyond | Publicerades 5/16/2018

With apologies to Gobinda.

Bond & Beyond finally gets round to reviewing one of Alex's favourites, and perhaps a hidden gem among Moore's various outings as 007 - and no, that's not a jewellery smuggling pun.

Alex and James discuss the strangely perfect mix of camp and complex, where a film that is ultimately about James Bond disarming a nuclear bomb while disguised as a circus clown somehow manages to marry excellent villains, surprisingly strong female characters and a lot of cheesy gags together.

Listen on as they discuss a plot that's so convoluted the villain can't keep up, the remarkable nature of sari stunts, questionable child-targeting merchandise and crocodile submarine logistics. Oh, and somehow forget the henchman's name all the way through (sorry, Gobinda).

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