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Dossier #41: Universal Mailbag

av Bond & Beyond | Publicerades 6/2/2018

With EON Productions finally announcing both a distributor and a director, it's time to start speculating about Bond 25 (again).

Trainspotting and 127 Hours director Danny Boyle takes the helm, meaning we can expect a very different Bond film compared to 007's previous outings, but that's just the beginning of our questions.

How will Craig end his era of reinvention for the franchise? Will Christoph Waltz's Blofeld turn up? Will Boyle push for a jukebox-style soundtrack? Will there be time-hops? Will James Bond be revealed as a codename? Will Bond die? How upset will Alex and James be if that happens?

And once all that madness calms down, we have the latest messages from our incredible listeners - including the latest scientific insight from Mythbuster Matt.

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