Laughing Through Darkness: Comedy, Compassion, and Suicide Prevention with Comedian Tyson Bradley

In this week's eye-opening episode, I have the pleasure of engaging in an enlightening conversation with the vibrant Tyson Bradley, @tysoncomedy on social media. We navigate through the intriguing facets of comedy and life, unraveling the layers that bind the two. Our conversation takes a raw, unfiltered turn as we delve into Tyson's most challenging phase, a time when he grappled with suicide and was reported missing. Please be aware that this episode contains sensitive content, which might be triggering for some.Despite the dark shadows of his past, Tyson's resilience and unyielding spirit shines through, reminding us all of the strength within us. We hope that his story will inspire, educate, and spark off a critical conversation about mental health. If you find value and connection in this episode, we'd be grateful for a subscription and review. This helps us keep bringing you more heartfelt and in-depth conversations. Don't forget to explore Tyson's work across his social media platforms. His unique brand of comedy and life insights are not to be missed. For more podcast and comedy updates, follow Levy's account @levylupu. We look forward to sharing more enriching and inspiring stories each week. Enjoy the show!TRIGGER WARNING: Mentioning of suicide experience Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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