Unveiling Laughter and Empowerment: A Candid Chat with Millie Dollar, Comedian and Burlesque Artist

Welcome to Episode 6 of Borderline Podcast Disorder, where we continue to traverse the borderline of comedy and real-life experiences. This week, we are thrilled to have the incredibly talented Millie Dollar (@millie_dollar) as our guest. Millie is a stand-out comedian who boasts an impressive resume in the entertainment industry.In this episode, we delve into Millie's unique journey, exploring her childhood roots and her experiences traveling the world while working. Can you imagine the pressure of performing comedy in front of a parent? Well, Millie has experienced it firsthand, and she's here to share her story.As we approach the holiday season, we hope that those of you celebrating Christmas are having a wonderful time. For those who aren't, we wish you as much peace and happiness as possible during this period. Remember, it's a difficult time of the year for many people, with mental health struggles becoming more prevalent. So, let's look out for each other, extend a helping hand where we can, and most importantly, take care of ourselves. Enjoy the episode and stay skilful. We'll be back next week with more enlightening conversations. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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Join Levy Lupu as he delves into the rich tapestries of life, engaging in enlightening conversations with a diverse range of guests. From comedians to musicians, authors to athletes, each guest brings their unique experiences and insights to the table, offering a captivating mix of wit, wisdom, and wonder. Parallel to these intriguing dialogues, Levy candidly shares his personal journey of navigating life with a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. He provides an honest, often humorous, and always hopeful perspective on living with this condition, offering a beacon of light for others in similar situations.While Levy is still in the process of setting up a dedicated studio, the early episodes are recorded remotely. Despite this, the engaging content and Levy's knack for story-telling ensure an immersive experience for listeners. So, stick around as Levy continues to refine the podcast, promising even greater things to come. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.