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Alex Bailey • Male Infertility and Miracles

Welcome to the very first episode of the Born Human Podcast where in our first week of exploring parenting journeys we explore that age old taboo of male infertility. Alex bailey spent over a decade overcoming the odds on his journey to becoming a father but not without significant challenge and sacrifice.Alex was candidly honest about his experience and in this episode we explore the highs and lows of IVF, mental health and resilience, the wonders of modern medicine and the challenges that still lie ahead.An eye opening look at the realities of male infertility which we hope sheds some light on this surprisingly common issue.If you want to learn more about what we do at BORN HUMAN take a look around our shiny new website and feel free to say hello if you're feeling sociable.EPISODE LINKSDR JOHN RAMSAYSTAND UP TO INFERTILITY WITH RHOD GILBERTHIMFERTILITYAZOOSPERMIAIVF POSTCODE LOTTERYMORE ABOUT BORN HUMANWWW.BORNHUMAN.CO.UKINSTAGRAM - WE ARE BORN HUMANINSTAGRAM - BORNHUMANPODCASTFACEBOOK - BORN HUMANLINKEDIN - BORN HUMAN CONSULTANCYContact us at thanks to LONGY for gracing us with his musical talents for the backdrop to this podcast. Soundtrack was taken from his 2019 track Akecheta See for privacy and opt-out information.

Om Podcasten

The BORN HUMAN podcast uses honest conversations to explore how we experience parenthood and the unique journeys that bring us there. This podcast is a series of down to earth conversations with inspiring individuals, who have faced the challenges of parenthood in all its many forms. From every day challenges to life altering moments, this podcast shares life experiences that give others the courage to face their own challenges knowing they aren't alone. We are all BORN HUMAN and when we are able to see ourselves in the stories of others, we are more easily able to show ourselves the kindness we deserve. What makes you human? See for privacy and opt-out information.