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Turn Your Mess Into Your Message, Feat. Yahya Bakkar, with Joel Marion – BTI 45

av Born to Impact | Publicerades 9/10/2019

Get ready for an amazing conversation with Yahya Bakkar.


Yahya is a global keynote speaker, speaking coach, and online business consultant who has spoken on more than 500 stages across the world including Harvard, Yale, and TEDx.


Additionally, Yahya’s story has been featured all throughout the media including Success Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Inc.

We discuss:


-How to turn your mess into your message


-Growing up in a Muslim household


-Yahya’s Father disowning him


-Yahya meeting his Mother for the first time at age 25


-How emotional healing is an ongoing process


-Why you don’t need to be perfect to get started as an entrepreneur


And so much more.


Yahya’ story will inspire you, encourage you, and pull you even closer to living the life you were born to live ... don't miss it.

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