Gene + Cell Therapy with Dr. Adeel Khan

Today I am having a super exciting conversation with Dr. Adeel Khan on gene and cell therapy including stem cells, follistatin, peptides and more. I am planning to visit Dr. Khan and experience these therapies for myself in the next few months and will be posting my experience and results. About Dr. Khan Dr. Adeel Khan, is a leading figure in the field of gene and cell therapies. Dr. Adeel Khan, who holds an M.D. and is a Canadian Board Certified Physician, specializes in regenerative and cellular medicine.  He is also a recognized authority as a key opinion leader for The American College of Regenerative Medicine, the foremost advocate for best practices in North America. Notably, he co-founded Xalt, a fitness-technology company, and played a pivotal role in the development of their proprietary technologies. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for Science & Humans, a virtual hormonal health company.  Dr. Khan’s expertise extends globally, as he has treated world champion athletes, members of Royal Families, and celebrities in both Dubai and North America. Follow Dr. Kahn on Instagram Visit His Website Learn More + Sign Up for his Longevity event in Austin, TX!

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