Alberto Nunez - The Failure Debate, Back to Competing, Exercise Variation

Today we Alberto Nunez of 3DMJ back on the podcast. Alberto has been lifting for over 20 years and has competed in natural bodybuilding for over 10, allowing him to gain multiple pro cards. Alberto has played a vital role in promoting the natural movement and his contributions as a coach, athlete, and author have helped propel some of the growth the sport has seen over the last decade. 0:00- Intro 0:20- Podcasting 3:00- Operation Smile donation 3:30- What Alberto has been doing bodybuilding wise 5:30- Ideal volume for someone experienced 6:20- The 3DMJ team competing together 8:30- The need for exercise variation 17:50- What progress looks like after being so advanced 24:10- What is Alberto doing differently this next contest season? 26:30- Cues for better focus 29:30- Pull Ups and Pull Up strength 34:40- Hesitancy to drop exercises 36:00- 500+lb squat 39:30- The failure debate  43:30- Having a competitive / athletic background 48:45- Gauging progress on certain momentum-prone movements's IG: those looking to support the channel and our donations to various charities, please consider the above link to become a member and have the opportunity to appear on the channel!Patreon: 

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