Bryan Boorstein + Aaron Straker - Leg Specialization, Training During Puberty, Meal Timing

0:30​- A-Aron0:50​- Identical strength with very different body types2:20​- Bryan and Aaron’s background5:30​- If someone is consistent with a bro split will they still reach their potential?14:45​- Putting compound exercises at the end of a workout18:45​- Prioritizing legs20:20​- The importance of measurements vs photos 23:45​- Are legs more genetically determined than upper body27:00​- Does what you do when you’re a child affect your muscularity in adulthood 131:00​- Is a lot of variation helpful?32:15​- How long is the period of neurological adaptation to a new lift?34:40​- Training one leg experiment37:00​- Does what you do when you’re a child affect your muscularity in adulthood 242:00​- Dieting down during puberty 47:00​- Different structures among different ethnicities49:00​- Meal timing / Intermittent Fasting58:00​- Blood glucose 1:05:30​- Blood glucose during a keto refeed1:10:00​- How we feel as we’re aging 1:12:45​- Cold showers / ice baths 1:20:00​- Being good in multiple fitness capacitiesBryan's IG:​Aaron's IG:​Bryan's website: Evolvedtrainingsystems.comAaron's website:​Eat Train Prosper Podcast:

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