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John Meadows - Heart Recovery, RIR, Intensity Techniques, Advice to Young Lifters

av Brains and Gains with Dr. David Maconi | Publicerades 3/27/2021

We're back with John Meadows! Very glad to hear John has been recovering well from his heart attack and today we dive into the following:0:20​- Our leg sessions that morning 2:00​- Update to John’s heart condition 6:30​- Ubiquinol / CoQ107:30​- John’s medications 8:00​- John’s family history9:10​- Training intensity post heart attack10:35​- Marvel / movies12:40​- Muscle rounds / cluster sets / rest pauses16:30​- My previously insane leg workouts18:30​- John’s opinion of 2-3+ RIR27:00​- How a sports / competitive background effects mindset 33:00​- Needing less volume as you become more advanced / volumetrics John uses38:30​- What actually causes muscle growth?40:00​- Reference to my “How Pro Bodybuilders Actually Train” video43:30​- Does having a lot of years away from natural lifting lead an enhanced coach to lose touch with what works for naturals?45:30​- Discussion on PEDs being thrown at problems too often48:30​- Does John have any regrets about his bodybuilding experience?57:00​- Bodybuilding compared to other sportsWebsite and Coaching:​Smile Fund:​Instagram:​Youtube Homepage:​

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