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Kolton Lukes on Leaving Natural Bodybuilding Behind, Delusional PED Users, Fake Gear

av Brains and Gains with Dr. David Maconi | Publicerades 6/5/2021

Today we speak with bodybuilder and coach Kolton Lukes, discussing the following: 0:00- Intro 0:30- Kolton Lukes editing my videos 1:20- Cerebral Palsy donation 4:50- Kolton’s competition history 10:00- Taking the jump to enhanced bodybuilding 14:30- Determining why you have low testosterone 18:00- The dramatic effectiveness of blasting and cruising 22:40- The appeal of gear 24:30- The health risks of gear 28:00- bodybuilding progress versus other areas of life 35:30- Appearance suggesting how much knowledge you have 37:30- Dante Trudel’s influence 40:30- The availability of learning about PEDs online 43:00- Fake gear 47:20- Where to find Kolton for info and training  Kolton's IG: and Coaching: those looking to support the channel and our donations to various charities, please consider the above link to become a member and have the opportunity to appear on the channel!Patreon: Smile Fund:

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