Matt Terry on Drug Use in Olympics, Extreme Response to TRT, Genetic Response to Diets

0:00- Intro 1:00- Matt Terry’s background 5:30- Credentials vs who is popular on social media 7:30- Drug use in the Olympics / at the elite level 12:40- Going on TRT 15:00- Subcutaneous vs intramuscular injections 18:15- Best powerlifting numbers 21:00- Weight to be contest lean vs bulked up 23:20- How PED usage changes perspectives 24:50- Delusional about PED’s effects` 36:00- Response to different diets 46:00- Step count 47:45- mTOR 51:30- How genes affect diet 54:50- What Matt found best training wise 57:15- What Matt found did not work well 58:00- Splits vs training variables 1:03:00- How to count volume 1:04:20- Where to find more of MattMatt's IG:'s Website: Smile Fund:

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