Brains and Gains with Dr. David Maconi

Pete Rubish - Coming Off Gear, Incredible Strength, Recovering Health

av Brains and Gains with Dr. David Maconi | Publicerades 5/1/2021

Pete Rubish is a well know powerlifter that has been in the lifting game for many years. Here we discuss the following: 0:00​- Intro 0:30​- Intro to Pete 1:40​- Charity choice of Pete 3:20​- How Pete got into powerlifting 4:50​- When Pete got into super supplements 7:30​- Getting poor quality gear from unknown sources 9:50​- What health tests Pete has had done 12:15​- CRP correlating with cancer 13:30​- Cholesterol values / carnivore diet 15:00​- Various blood work values 19:50​- Protein and kidney health 23:00​- What Pete did coming off gear 26:45​- How dramatically powerful PEDs are 30:00​- The progression to being a delusionally enhanced athlete 33:05​- Fake natties in powerlifting 36:40​- Pete’s highest doses 40:00​- Can Pete keep any gains long term? 42:20​- Sleep apnea tests and treatment 46:40​- Does Pete regret going on gear / could he have gotten here naturally? 49:50​- Heart scansPete's YouTube:​Pete's IG:​Humane Society: https://secure.animalhumanesociety.or...​​

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