Chilling out with snow

There are many different types of snow. From the fluffy to the slushy, this slippery frozen stuff comes in all different shapes and sizes.  From a distance, snowflakes may all look the same, but they are not. In fact, there are lots of different shapes of snowflakes — not just those classic shapes you might try to replicate with paper cut-outs. In this episode, Dr. Ken Libbrecht answers all of our snowflake questions: How are snowflakes made? Why are they different shapes? How is it that they’re all unique? And how does a scientist who lives in southern California study snow? And, he also lets us in on his brush with a couple Arendelle princesses. Plus our pal Ruby Guthrie pays her local ski slope to visit a snow-making machine called “Kevin.” And of course, there’s a new Mystery Sound to warm your ears. If you’re looking for some fun snowflake activities to do at home, Ken’s provided this great list — and you don’t need to live in a cold climate for all of them: This episode was sponsored by: Shopify ( Indeed ( Interlochen Center for the Arts (

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