What makes tiny tardigrades tick?

You can find micro-animals just about everywhere. They’re on your face and in your hair. They’re in puddles and in soil. One of the most famous of these microscopic creatures is the tardigrade. This episode zooms in on these adorable little animals, also known as moss piglets and water bears. The biggest tardigrade is about the size of the tip of a sharpened pencil, but most are smaller. More like the width of a hair. They’re kinda like a squishy pillow with eight legs, four on each side, with finger-like little claws at the end of each leg. And a round, snout-like opening on its face. Jasmine Nirody tells us what she’s learned about these cuties through her research. She’s watched hundreds of hours of tardigrade videos. Way better than YouTube, right? We’ll also hear about where you can find tardigrades, how they live and why we’ve sent them to space. Don’t forget to check out the brand new Mystery Sound too. If you’re near Los Angeles or St. Paul, you still have time to check out Brains On Live: Your Brain Is Magic. Molly, Marc and Sanden will wow you with magic, jokes and dancing. Ticket info is at brainson.org/events. This episode was sponsored by:   Indeed (Indeed.com/BRAINSON) Novo (Novo.co/BRAINS) Insect Lore (Insectlore.com) Shopify (Shopify.com/brainson) Galileo Camps (Galileo-camps.com – promo code: FUNSUMMER2022 for $100 off camp) Little Passports (Littlepassports.com/BRAINS – 20% off for new customers) Pinna (Pinna.fm/BRAINSON - promo code BRAINSON) Mathnasium (Mathnasium.com)

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