Any Go-Getter Can Land Publicity (even in BIG Media), w/ Selena Soo

Selena Soo changed my OWN business and feeling of self-worth. Why? Her wisdom and methods helped get me onto Forbes. *GASP! But true*. That moment of seeing my name on that big F website absolutely transformed how I saw myself and *indeed* others’ perception of my expertise and credibility.  That’s why I am so excited Selena came on for a rapid fire episode. In this conversation, Selena not only gives you insights into the power *and her passion* for publicity but a freebie to make landing media way easier.  Grab your fancy PR pants and join the conversation to hear:  How Selena went from a dark place into finding joy and inspiration again The reason Selena is so passionate about publicity for entrepreneurs specifically Why any driven entrepreneur CAN land publicity *You don’t have to be famous first* Why she feels publicity really is her way to change the world How do you know if you’re ready for publicity? *Answer within* PR doesn’t have to be only big media - media can mean MANY different things Selena is an introvert and a bit of a perfectionist - The truth about how that comes into publicity GRAB THE CHECKLIST: 7 MUST-HAVES TO GET FEATURED ON TOP PODCASTS, WEBSITES, TV AND MORE!  FOR MORE OF SELENA, GO TO: 

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