F*** Fear & Serve People 2 Steps Behind You, w/ Jamie Joslin King

Within minutes of hearing Jamie Joslin King, The Slay Coach, you’re going to be slapped in the face with an abundance mindset, burn limiting money beliefs and be shouting SCREW FEAR and NO MORE overthinking.  Within 2 (YES, 2!!) years, Jamie has grown a million-dollar business with coaching, her podcast, events & online course empire, as: A beauty school drop out who was tens of thousands of dollars in debt A mom of 3, previously in an abusive relationship and had tried hustling thru MLM to make money Growing a few thousand followers as a fitness influencer yet no $$$ from it    Now, her 7-figure brand has retired her mastered educated husband to work for her. BOSS.  Her bold, purple-obsessed, curses-like-a-sailor brand holds back nothing. Jamie is the host of Chardonnay & Slay *the podcast with chapters around the country*, coaches, leads multiple masterminds, has courses and employs 12 - 20 people at any time.  Oh, and she runs a non-profit. WTF.  Slap on your favorite hair color and hear:  How Jamie went from in debt and beauty school drop out to 7-figure empire The 1 mistake Jamie sees with “dirty messy action” (+ how to fix it)  What Jamie repurposed to make her 1st course   How Jamie’s coaching rates went from $300 p/month to $80,000 a year  The support Jamie hired from Day 1 - BEFORE she even sold her first course  How masculine structures supports her intuitive flow and #1 step to create + unleash new offers into the world The path to 157k followers The dazzling thing you notice about Jamie the moment you see this queen A brand new *BRILLIANT* business Jamie’s creating right now that has the best name I have ever heard, ever  Her magazine cover analogy that is so damn powerful, I’m about to preach it from every garden rooftop in the East Village  FOR MORE OF JAMIE KING, THE SLAY COACH:  TheSlayCoach.comJamie’s Instagram: @theslaycoach Freebie: UnF*** Your Money Mindset CHARDONNAY & SLAY - JAMIE’s FACEBOOK GROUP

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