Feel Anxious? The Science of Why Your Brain Freaks Out, w/ Julia Kristina

Feel stressed or anxious? My INCREDIBLE, savvy gal Julia Kristina is sharing WHY the brain panics and how to shift your emotions, even if you’re a chronic “worrier" or “people pleaser”.  Julia Kristina is a licensed therapist and counselor who took her business online and now has over 165,000 subscribers on YouTube. With a packed membership The Shift Society and life-shifting courses, she’s been featured on outlets like Mind Body Green and Inc.  On YouTube, Julia’s videos rack up over 300K, 400K views because they truly shift how people see stress and the ability to overcome anxiety.  Especially if you're feeling worried about the future, panicked during Corona or stuck on “what to do next” in your business, this is a must listen.  Get out your Bill Nye the Science Guy bow tie and hear how:  What fear almost halted Julia’s dream + now massive following (and how long the process actually took) The difference between having a plan vs. worrying about the future The line between inspiration and pressure on ourselves What surprising platform 1st grew her business (not Twitter, not Facebook, not Instagram) When the human brain feels stressed, what lie you’ve been told Julia’s shockingly easy FAST way to write headlines that hook the brain + has gotten 400,000 views on her videos  (it takes under 1 minute!) What 1 word will make people want to click your content How Julia found her niche in the consulting & therapy world (after struggling to decide) The hysterical, ridiculous story she shared about childhood that actually GREW her community The age your brain develops into adulthood (IT IS WAY OLDER THAN I REALIZED!) FOR MORE OF JULIA KRISTINA,  Julia Kristina Mah Youtube Instagram: @JuliaCounsellor The website (with link to courses)

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