Finally, Step Into Your Power + Trust Yourself, w/ Randi Halaway

Your life will probably change after this episode, that is NOT an exaggeration. Randi Halaway is one of the #1 influences of my entire life. Her guidance and methods have changed how I process emotions, see myself and approach every part of my life and business. I never want to imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t learned from Randi’s wisdom and information.  So if you want to stop playing small, stop dimming your light, halt overthinking, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, make incredible business leaps and step into your next level self with flow and calm, PLEASE LISTEN TO RANDI.  Because Randi has overcome so much of her own healing, powering her to :  Start 1 but 3 businesses  Making leaps that people told her were wrong (her story will CHANGE how you see your own intuition)  Overcome trauma and create the dreamy business and life that influences countless others  THIS IS THE ONLY PODCAST EPISODE I HAVE EVER YET CRIED IN - AND YOU’LL HEAR EXACTLY WHY.  You are going to learn SO MUCH from this episode it’s unreal. Dab on your favorite essential oils to hear:  The first 2 of businesses Randi had, that grew massively The big leap people told her was NEVER going to work (and led to the wildest success story) Why leaving an industry or client is not abandoning people or a “failure” If your heart is pulling you to something, there’s a REASON for you and other people     The way Randi went from healing after divorce to finding flow and manifesting 6 dream clients in 1 week Why trying force motivation does not work     How Randi learned to own her 2 divorces, openly, as part of her story Her journey from blaming others and feeling like a victim to having created a system to feel so peaceful she had no idea was possible     Turning your process into an official framework with a name you can teach to clients   The hilariously unplanned way Randi taught her first workshop (turns out, you DO NOT need a plan) The worst thing someone can say is NO How your head is f***ing with your heart (and your life) When to STOP making decisions because they will not be productive, promise  Our bonkers Starbucks moment, when Randi called at the most INSANE intuitive moment  FOR MORE:  Randi Halaway Website  Instagram - @RandiHalaway Randi’s Group Program - Open for Enrollment 

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