Get Paid (BANK) to Be You, w/ Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray is one of the most real, successful entrepreneurs around, with the funniest stories you’ve heard in your damn life - that also lead to big money, a large Instagram following and your dream business.  If you want to realize it’s OKAY to share all parts of you, learn how to tell stories that magnetize people and see there is no set, straight, fancy path to success, you MUST hear this unapologetic interview with Laura Belgray aka - The Talking Shrimp.  With over 43K followers on Instagram, co-founder of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo, featured in Business Insider, Money, Fast Company, worked for promos on shows like Nick at Night, Bravo, podcasts like The Jasmine Star Show, Entrepreneurs on Fire *with JLD, who was this show’s first podcast guest* -  Laura is PROOF that by being your true self, every part, even if that’s calling yourself lazy, love sleeping in, share emails that tell stories like the time Laura said ballsack at her father’s funeral  You are going to get SO much out of this episode, I’m literally tossing my microphone at you.  Get ready to smile, to be racing to tell your own stories after you listen out for:  Hear hilarious stories from this world-renowned copywriter, which I had never heard from Laura before The hysterical way Laura got into writing promos like Bravo and Nick at Night, then starting her own business What early adulthood job she was fired for, multiple times How to find the type of job or career you TRULY want Laura’s dream fantasy for a job (That had me almost pee myself laughing)     The f***ing funny way Laura and her husband came up with the name “Talking Shrimp”    How Laura created her first website (including what she said services were + what Laura originally charged) The way Laura upped her prices overtime and ultimately cut 1:1 work with clients entirely The halo effect of media, including about her 1st piece on Business Insider (and why it was controversial) Laura’s honest, refreshing take on desiring other people’s approval Why Laura went through her revamped branding process  How Laura went from day rates *hear her premium prices within* to group coaching The in-person surprise I and 4 other people did for Laura Get a hater comment or review? How to lessen the sting and actually USE it to rally people who love you Juicy insights about the book Laura’s working on 3 words that Laura hates *including a word she knows I love and a word she thinks sounds like genitals* After we stopped the “official episode” a private p.s. Conversation that I simply HAD to include  FOR MORE:  Talking Shrimp  Instagram: TalkingShrimpNYC 5 Secrets to Nonsucky Copy (is on her Home Page Here) Non Sucky Subject Lines: 33 most opened subject lines, 4 that tanked and formulas to write your own 

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