Go from Burnt Out Implementer to Respected Expert, w/ Reese Spykerman

If you’re a solopreneur who’s burnt out or have clients that scope creep (sending you edit after edit mmhmm), this episode is going to give the bear hug you need. For. Real.  Reese Spykerman is a brilliant designer and copywriting expert who went from burnt out implementor to an evolved creative business that fits her lifestyle.  Diagnosed with an auto-immune condition 3 years ago, she saw it was time to finally move past her people pleasing ways and step up as the expert vs. hustling freelancer mindset.  Reese has been featured in outlets like Entrepreneur and Thrive Global, worked with NYT best selling authors and gotten insane results for clients (like taking them from $3K to $15,000 a month). She has incredible, amazing, tangible ways to transition how you work with clients, evolve past burnt out hourly work and have both you and potential clients see you as a rockstar expert.  Get on your blue light glasses and get ready to hear how:  As a graphic designer, how Reese went from burnt out on client edit requests into a sustainable design brand The way to set up projects so you DO NOT have clients who scope creep (aka ask for edits again and again) How to set expectations to establish that YOU are the authority and go-to expert  Reese overcame being a people please 6 years ago + WHY that shifted her business How to shift from implementor to strategist   The specific way to start practicing your boundaries and build that “non-people-pleaser” muscle   3 years ago, Reese’s diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease shifted her life and had to make a big change in business You can EVOLVE with current clients, even as you change your business or offers The business model Reese currently has, which is FANTASTIC inspiration for any copywriter, designer, brand strategist or marketer FOR MORE:  Reese’s Website Instagram: @reesespykerman HER FREEBIE *on her home page*: Design Tweaks to Increase Conversions & Sales ASAP

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