HOLY F***! A Homeschooling Mom of 4 Built a Multi-Million Online Fitness Empire

This badass, homeschooling mom of 4 built a multi-million dollar business online in...only a few years. If you want to launch a scalable product, create a course and STOP holding back your voice, do not do anything before listening to this talk with Kim Constable.  This conversation will give you the most motivational, strong ass kick meets powerful marketing strategies meets inner work, I promise.  Kim is not only one of the most real, raw online entrepreneurs around, Kim’s readiness to own who she is, listen to her audience and pivot has gained her 228K followers on Instagram and MILLIONS of dollars, turning over 3 million dollars last year alone.  From the woman I’m privileged to chat with so often *I’ve written about her bum a hilarious amount!*, your mindset about business and online products is about to be rocked forever.  Get on your workout shoes and hear how:  Kim found a massive gap in the “saturated” fitness and wellness market The lie about what it takes to be a highly paid expert How Kim created her 1st program that sold massively (and it’s NOT how you think)  The way to take people on a marketing journey, so they not only BUY the program but achieve true success from it “People may not like me but they respect me. And I’d much rather have people’s respect than their likes” The #1 way to stand out in a market, that is totally counterintuitive and SO brilliant Kim’s mind-blowing truths about burning fat and getting sculpted NO one talks about How to show people your program is not bullshit but really works Her recent Instagram post about drinking alcohol (and why it got 500+ comments) Kim’s approach to selling that is NOT like anything else you’ve heard online A story about urinary tract infections *that is really important* How to know what people say they want vs. what they ACTUALLY want   How Kim hones in on desires (so people click the “purchase now” button)  FOR MORE:  TheSculptedVegan.comInstagram @TheSculptedVegan

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