The 1st Sports Bra Was Made from Jockstraps

I am in SHOCK at how recently the sports bra was invented. It wasn’t until the 1970s. Why?! There was specific historical context I had NO idea about.   Laws passed that changed the lives of women born after FOREVER in America.  The big moment after was a phone call. Two sisters were venting and joking about a 1970s fad. The laughing turned into a serious situation.  You’ll be startled at how 3 women put together the first sports bra, who did NOT consider themselves athletes and had absolutely NO bra design or marketing experience. And how one 90 minute phone call changed everything.  So strap down your bosom to get ready for:    On a phone call, what joke between two sisters sparked this world boob phenomenon The 1972 law that is WHY girls finally got into school sports   In the first list of “requirements”, she wrote the REAL reason she wanted a sports bra but crossed it out and said “It felt like too much to ask” Why women didn’t like the “sports bras” original name How a costume designer with NO bra experience was the BEST possible support How they tested the bra (HYSTERICAL + involved boob studying) What surprising 90 minute call with a man took these women’s idea to the next level The company you know NOW, that owns that original sports bra titling The live TV moment in 1999 that the sports bra inventor said was a full circle beautiful I would be so honored for 2 minutes *if this resonated* if you’d PLEASE:  Share the episode and your feelings on it via Instagram *tag @allisonevelyn_* Post a review here so we can keep bringing more real, screw the fake fluff content For more about the podcast + episodes: 

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