The 1st Supermarket Began a Revolution (involving Queen Elizabeth)

Once you know this story, you’ll never think about grocery stores the same way. Turns out, the modern grocery store was incredibly revolutionary and actually changed habits you have, right now, forever.  This topic was on my mind because of quarantine.  With so many people ordering groceries during the pandemic, I began to think back to what life was like before Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Costco. I didn’t expect to discover stories, which I reveal in this episode:  On a trip to America, why Queen Elizabeth scheduled a visit to US grocery store and was fascinated (and what particular item made her giggle) How online grocery delivery is actually like 1800s life How the new 1930s grocery store experience directly impacted kids, in a massive way Why self-service stores changed branding and marketing, in many industries, forever The first “supermarkets” were not who you would expect Why a rom-com I laughed over as a teenager is linked to the 1st grocery store I would be so honored for 2 minutes *if this resonated* if you’d PLEASE:  Share the episode and your feelings on it via Instagram *tag @allisonevelyn_* Post a review here so we can keep bringing more real, screw the fake fluff content For more about the podcast + episodes: 

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